Thursday, February 10, 2011

10 signs youre too stupid to be on facebook

  1. Depressing Status Updates
  2. Profile Pic Is Your Dog
  3. You’re Begging Your Friends For Cows To Play FarmVille
  4. Unaware Everyone Can Read Your Wall
  5. Your Facebook Profile Pic Is Over A Decade Old
  6. You Take Your Own “How Well Do I Know Me” Test And Get An 78
  7. You’re A Fan Of Sarah Palin
  8. You Get A Buzz From Sending Drink Requests
  9. Hacking Movie Quotes Or Music Lyrics For Your Status Updates
  10. Laughing At Your Own Status Updates
aku tak cakap macam nie... ape la masalah dia... let us live our own life la dude....

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