Tuesday, July 5, 2011

understanding touge....

These are some rules to be understand for a safe touge convoys, break at your own risk.

source from with a bit edit and removal to suit real situations.

  • No lane crossings during day sessions.. It's very dangerous to do this for obvious reasons.
  • Expect the unexpected.. Almost every turn is a blind one on the touge. No matter what conditions you are driving in on the touge there will be blind spots and unknowing drivers around. Most drivers are not expecting to see cars in their lane coming at them head on and neither should you. Make use of the incoming lights.
  • Know your limits... and STAY within them!!! Drive at about 70% (some of you may know the term 7 tenths) of your ability, you must leave room for error. Pushing yourself over the edge may not be too far from reality if you get yourself into a situation you can't handle.
  • Leave plenty of room between cars when in a group. This should be obvious to most of you. You cannot compensate for another driver's mistake. It takes us approximately 3/4's of a second to react to something that happens on the road. If you are traveling at high speed that automatically decreases... which will usually result in damage!!! And don't forget almost every turn on the touge is a blind one.
  • No need to break any traffic violations on the way to the touge. You're going to have fun in the mountains already... just save it for the touge.
  • Scope out the spot before you start your touge session. Only on those occasions when you're cruising should you ignore this... but then some of us "CRUISE" faster than others!!! But Drift or Grip, whatever your session may involve, you should always check out the run. You never know what to expect around each turn on the touge.
  • Watch out for wildlife!!! Deer,boars and other animals are unpredictable, not to mention tree branches, logs, bushes and tumbleweeds. Deer, Raccoons and Possums are especially unpredictable... look out for animals they cause just as much if not more damage than an incident with a car.
  • Do not take your ego to the touge. There will always be someone faster than you... unless you're TAKUMI hahahaha, But if the person behind you is faster... pull over and let him/her pass.
  • Stay alert, don't have things around that will distract you on your runs. Loud music, nagging girl friends or pussy boy friends may cause you to panic or become distracted. Touge sessions require a lot of concentration.
  • Check your equipment before you go. ie, tires, pressure, alignment, brakes, etc. There is almost no room for error on the touge. If you must go driving on shitty equipment, then drive with even more room for error (5-6 tenths)
  • Look as far ahead of you as possible. Your body subconciously follows what your mind (eyes) tell it to do, or go in this case. Just think about walking. You don't look left and walk straight. Try it.
  • Ignore weird encounters... focus on the roads in front of you and don't say anything. You don't want them to follow you home...

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