Saturday, March 17, 2012

asas touge....

The basis for touge you need to learn is about 3 thing. YOU, CAR, ROAD. This 3 matters is very important you will need to know and learn.

YOU : You know yourself what you could do. Anger, Pressure, Emotion, Concentration, Confident, Instinct, Responsibility, Ego Focus, Excitement and Joy. Combine & controll all of this. Dont let it control you.

CAR : Learn about her, How Why When What it ... The Characteristic of your Car. Potential and disadvantage and it limit.

ROAD : What you know about it? Learn it slowly, no need force to the route come into your mind. Let it come by it self. Take note the sector that you think it dangerous for you. Conquer the dangerous part and don't underestimate the easy part

YOU, CAR, ROAD : All of this is related. Combine all of it into your soul then your touge become easily.

p/s: aku curik hasil karya abang TAKA... it was a good info actually.... =)

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