Thursday, January 10, 2013

initial D dunia nyata...

We realized we didn't do an anime vs real life comparison for Fifth Stage Episode 3. So here is a simple comparison on ヤビツ峠 (Yabitsu Pass). There are many more prominent landmarks and features they showed in Episode 3 that we simply can't fit all in one post. If you want to see more images from the mountain pass they raced on in Episode 3, be sure to check out the sources below.

Someone said "what kind of corner is that" when referring to the right angle turn before Omiya broke his GT wing. Well, that's a 90 degree turn and it is very real. Though, I am not sure about going too fast around that corner, there is no shoulder on the side of the road. One mistake and it's over. Look at how close the 86 sticks to the guardrails. It's almost clipping guardrails!!

Here is an actual video footage of a guy driving down on Yabitsu Pass (Downhill) It is 10 minutes long, watch it if you are really interested: Here is the uphill video (Keisuke FD3S vs Kobayakawa Evo VII):

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