Thursday, November 25, 2010

care saye mintak maaf macam nie.... saye tau awak tak suke....

It's like I missed a shot,
It's like I dropped the ball.

It's like I'm on stage, and I forget the words.
It's like building a new house, with no roof and no doors.

It's like trying to propose, and I ain't got the ring.

It's like stayin' out at night, and way too much to drink.

It's like you change your hair,
and I don't say a thing.

It's like your fallin' back to sleep,
with no kiss and before we hear.

It's like I forgot your gift,
on 02 14 10

But girl I've apologized a million times before. I'll apologize a million more
So here it comes again for all the wrong I've done.
Here's one million one.

I'm sorry for the way that I did you

Sorry from the bottom of my heart for how I hurt you girl

Sorry on the weekend, sorry on the week days

Sorry for the things I did, sorry for the things I said

sorry for the lies

sorry for the time

That I didn't give you what you want,
That I didn't give you what you like.
All that I can do is,
tell you that I'm sorry babe.
I'm sorry babe, I'm sorry

All them strip clubs,
all them hot tubs.
I'm gonna give them up,
'cause I don't want to lose you now.

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